Beat Procrastination

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Beat Procrastination - IVODIMITROV.PRO |  |  |

Beat Procrastination - IVODIMITROV.PRO |  |  |

Beat Procrastination

Beat Procrastination - IVODIMITROV.PRO |  |  |

3 step formula to beat procrastination and act on your plans and goals with focus, ambition and persistence.

Beat Procrastination - IVODIMITROV.PRO |  |  |

Beat Procrastination - IVODIMITROV.PRO |  |  |


[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]In the text below (second page) you will find the first two steps for Defeating the Procrastination, namely: “Building Vision” and “Effective Work with Tasks”

Underneath, you’ll see several versions of the Creative Visualization. The difference is only in music.

But first of all, it may be best to download and read the file “When to start and when to finish things” and to know what to do first.

Working with the program is very simple.

First: Do the exercise for building a vision.

Write it once, and then just read it. By the time is possible to experience changes in your vision, because you will grow and it is normal to change the vision you want to realize.

Second: Write your tasks and work on them with time-management techniques.

Third: Use visualization to recharge and reinforce the vision of yourself and your life so that you do not divert from your path and mission.

Listen to the audio 1-2 times a day if you want to get the fastest results. I recommend in the morning, immediately after waking up and in the evening before falling asleep. This way you will start the day with a clear direction and enthusiasm, and in the evening you will fall asleep with a positive expectation for the next great day.

Repeat these three steps each day (if you want faster results) or when you feel that you procrastinate or invent excuses not to act on your plans and dreams.

Good luck,


Beat Procrastination - IVODIMITROV.PRO |  |  |

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[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Thank you for joining “Beat Procrastination” course!
I hope the program brings positive change in your life. I will try to be short, clear and easy to use. I remember when I procrastinated and red materials for self-improvement and self-help that I did not want to read hundreds of pages. I always wanted the author to go straight to the point without fluff.

So… let’s start!

Don’t give up.

This is most important. You read this because you probably realized you have a procrastination problem. Don’t forget that. Things happen in life. Sometimes we go off track and get carried away with something else. There is nothing wrong with that. If you don’t finish reading or implementing this guide, go back to it another time. Do not force yourself and do not push. Just keep trying at your own pace. Nobody is chasing you. The trick is that the things have to happen naturally and with a dose of ease. Just don’t abandon your goal and you will succeed.

What is procrastination?

In simple words, this is when you choose the momentary satisfaction rather than working on something that will bring you much greater rewards in the long run.
For example:
* Replace the underlined words in a sloping font with what fits your situation.
You want to have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, but instead of doing the job that will make it possible, you choose to watch movies or read articles that promise the “magic pill”. Obviously, this activity is not as good as having the real experience, but you can watch/read them now and make you feel better than to work … but for a moment. Then you go looking for the next “dose of momentary pleasure” and postpone the real job.

I am telling you this because with my method you will make the momentary satisfaction come from doing the job that at some point will allow you to actually have the freedom and the opportunities you want.

The realization that took me out of the hole of procrastination.

While I was looking for the formula for “Ignite the Passion,” I saw something that totally changed my life.

“Light the passion” was my first online course I created 4 years ago. With it, I wanted to figure out and pass on the knowledge of how successful people with a modest past have taken their life into their hands and achieved their dreams.

One day, as I was sorting out my materials and was looking for the solution, I noticed something that apparently had always eluded me. And also to all the people who tried to make their plans and dreams come true through self-help materials but did not see any real progress.

I knew that the only sustainable long-term solution for going out of holes and dealing with procrastination included my fundamental change as a person.

Most people who do not understand will say that if you change, you will no longer be you. But the truth is, it’s just the opposite.

If you do not live the life you want or do not work on the plans and goals you want to accomplish, then you are not yourself. The very desire to realize your purpose or vision is proof that you have the power to do it. One more thing – this is proof that this vision wants to be manifested through you.

Most people are waiting for something to kick their ass all the way while they are walking their path.
The truth, however, is that this thing can only enthuse you at the beginning, and you have to kick your own ass through all the difficulties and keep the desire in you stay alive and to grow. By doing this you show God, the universe, or whatever you believe in, that you deserve what you desire.

In the end, whether because of the environment, your parents, friends or whatever, you are not the true, authentic you who you were born to be. You have been taught or perhaps have left yourself to live under your real abilities and possibilities. In other words, your goal is to change so that you are not the same person, but yourself. To be the person who is sent here with a mission. The fact that you are reading this is now is a sign that something in you wants to manifest in the world and it looks for ways to do it.

I believe that we are born with a certain set of desires and challenges that are given to us in order to turn us into the ones we are destined to be by realizing and overcoming them.

I understood this on the day of my awakening (a year before I became an NLP therapist) … but the awareness I mentioned that changed my life was…

…that we you need to be the person we want to be now, not at some point in the future.
It hit me like a thunder of a clear sky. I’ve heard it hundreds of times, but now it seems that something clicked and I knew what it meant, namely…

…While working on tasks related to your plans and dreams, to think, to feel and to behave like the person you want to be.

Let me explain.

I decided to stop focusing on the different things I want in my life and instead to put my energy and just figure out what kind of person I want to be.
What qualities do I have?
How do I want to be perceived by the world?
What would you enjoy in life?
What makes me feel good about myself?

I realized that I would be happier when I could look into the mirror and see a man who is centered as a mountain, motivated and progressing towards a better version of myself. I realized that I would feel good about myself, as I can look after the people I love. Realized I’d rather hear people say, “This is a man is a role model.” instead of “That dude has a cool car.”

That’s what I realized.

I hope I explaining it so that it can click for you, like me then. If necessary, read it again. You will see it in a new way, I promise.

Here’s how to make the change you’re here for.

Step #1: Find out who you want to be and be this person.

• Take a sheet of paper and a pen and describe the person you want to be.
Again, it does not mean that you will lose your identity, on the contrary – you will bring it to light. It is no accident that you admire certain qualities in others or that you just know you would like to have them.
The sincere desire to have a certain quality is proof that the seed for it lies in you and it’s waiting to be watered.

But the first step is to bring it in front of your mind, instead of leaving it in some deep corner of your mind.

The easiest way is to start from the surface. That is, from the more superficial desires to get to that quality or action that will make them a reality.

1. Think about a specific plan (or picture/vision) in your life that you want to be a reality – write it down.
For example: I have (“I have”, not “I want”!) a successful business that gives me the freedom to travel and live wherever I want.

2. Now write down the goals that need to be met to make it happen.
For example: I have a successful system that generates XXX income (or customers) per month. I have a website that people like to visit. I have a marketing strategy that gives people value and shows them that what I have for them is useful and valuable.

3. (This is a part of Step #2, which you will see below) Now list the tasks and actions that need to be done on a daily (or weekly) basis to achieve your goal.
For example: Every day I post X number of posts on social networks.
Every week I write an article.
Every day I invest $20 in ad and track stats to optimize my results.
Every day I call the X number of potential clients.
Every day / week I dedicate X hours to work with my clients.

These are the actions to have in front of you. If they are different every day, then every day (I recommend the night before you go to bed) write your next day’s tasks on a single sheet. Just write them quickly. And when you perform one of them put a sign or scratch them hard – to hide under the ink. As you think is good.

4. Now… imagine a variety of situations in which you procrastinate the actions on your tasks. Most of the ones you delay at the moment, and you know you need to get involved with them to get a few more steps to achieving your goals. Write the moments you procrastinate.
For example: I do not post X number of posts.
I do not call X number of potential customers.

5. Finally, write the qualities you want to have and you know will get you to achieving your goals, but you think you are lacking or are not well developed.
I am self-disciplined. I am motivated. I am a person who enjoys while working. I’m enthusiastic about my mission. I am a happy person. I am loyal … responsible, hurt, committed and so on.

Now you only have to look at the world through the eyes of the man you described.

An interesting fact is that if you can assume that a quality is lacking or not well developed, then you can imagine it when it is developed.

If you can’t you’ve probably made your own story of missing a particular quality as an excuse because there was nothing to catch your mind about. In this case, I advise you to look for the quality that you think you lack in Google and see what it is when a person have that quality and what it is when a person don’t have it… or he develop the opposite.

And here it gets interesting.

• Look through the eyes of the person you want to be.

This is the Holy Grail in the program here. To be the person you want, means to already be that person. And the only way to do that is to look, feel and act through this persons’s prism.

I will give an example with something else for diversify:
You want to be tidy, but your house is messy or dusty?
You know that this will make you feel better and you feel that your mess is weighing, hindering and irritating, but not enough to deal with it?

The solution is to look through the eyes of the tidy person. Take these qualities as yours.
I repeat again if you can not imagine what it is like to have the quality you want, just take an example from a person who owns it or find out what it is from the Internet.
Now take a role. Imagine that you are this tidy and tidy person and play a script in your head.



How your tidy and neat version of yourself imagine his/her home?
What would you say to your tidy and clear version of yourself when you see something messy in the house?
How would she feel about the disorder?
How strong would it be to have a tidy home?
What would you do about it?
How would this tidy and clear version of yourself feel when the house is the way you have imagined it?

This is how to deal with any procrastinate situation.
It is enough to build the vision of the end result so that you can build the vision of the person you want to be.

Focus on being the person you want to be. Stay at this moment. Be proud of your new self. Do what the man you want be is doing. Forget about future awards. They are only needed as a landmark to know what qualities you have, what kind of new goals to set and what are the needed actions. The awards will happen naturally. All you can do now is to be the person you want to be and to do what you need to do. That’s your main goal. This is your reward. Satisfaction is instantaneous. You will feel great right away. Do not worry about the future. It will bring what it has brought. If you have terms, whether after a day or three months – do not think about them. Whatever happens, your priority is to be the person you want to be, and everything will be better.

That’s what all successful people do … every day. Do not think you were born like that. Simply practicing this method has made it easier for them and for the time to look as if they were born with the qualities that have made them successful.

No. Qualities are developed. Only innate talents come installed in a [articular person according to some laws of nature. But the qualities are those that make our talents rise.
Enter the shoes of the person you want to play and play a script in your mind so that you feel real. This will force you to act on your tasks.

Work and do your job from the position of the person you want to be. He makes it with a smile. You know the deep reason why are you doing what you do. Work and act like you already have everything you think you need to be the top version of yourself.

The next thing is …

… Step # 2: The Time Management Tactics.

You know people can not work 24/7. We are not machines. Even the hardest bitching can not work 24 hours a day without pauses.

People are distracted, exhausted, sick, stressed, depressed, and anxious. In some situations this is inevitable – it happens. But in order to reduce the risk that these origins of procrastinate will stand in the way, you need to have a system to distribute your energy / time.

It is called Pomodoro and works the following way:
You divide your time to work on 4 segments, each of which is 25min. Maybe 20, 30 or 35, but best 25 minutes. In these 25 minutes you and your work, nothing else. Between each of these segments you are doing a 5-minute distracting break. That is, you go and do something totally different to distract your mind from the other activity. After exactly 5 minutes, you go back and continue with the next segment.

After the fourth segment, you are making more rest – 15 or 20 min.
And so from the beginning. It seems something like this:
25 – Focused work without distraction
5 – rest
25 – work
5- rest
25 – work
5 – rest
25 – work
20 – rest
25 – work
5 – rest

Follow the program as much as you can and wherever possible. The goal is not to be constantly on the pedal, but to have small breaks in which you do not think about the job. In these breaks, the most often you get the incentive to go back and continue your work. Ideas come. The true solutions come. Creativity comes.

You’ll have moments when you even want to skip the break. I know from experience. But make sure you do not. Procrastinate it for another 5-10 minutes, but it must be done. This is like stopping at a gas station to load. If you do not, you can switch off ending nowhere.

When you have the list of tasks we’ve done a little bit (step 3 of Step # 1) and you have started to act as the best version of yourself, you’re starting to work.

You follow Pomodoro techniques so that you finish your tasks for the day or as long as you can. Finally, you will see that this was your most productive day so far.

My method just works.

An important ingredient for your success is when you finish the job to keep all your consciousness into the being the person you want to be and show it through your behavior in ordinary situations. You may not always get it, but just try.

That’s why it is …

Както казах в началото – Не се отказвай. Ако нещо не стане – голяма работа. Не приемай нещата толкова на сериозно, че да ти пречи да постигнеш целите си. Важното е да се върнеш и опиташ отново. Най-големия провал е да не опитваш. Мисли за дългосрочните ползи и награди от това да бъдеш желаната версия на себе си сега и да действаш от тази позиция.[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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