In this letter I will give you...


Read this NOW because after 24 hours there will be a change. I have explained what the change is below.

Start or Finish your long-delayed plan!

Have you ever wanted to actualize an idea or plan but did not have the time, you lacked discipline, or did your motivation lighted down too fast?

If its yes, then I know exactly what you're going through because I've gone through the same.

When I started my career as an NLP therapist at age 25 I had a period when I felt I don’t have time, lacked of self-discipline and I was not motivated to actualize my ideas and plans. In two words - I procrastinated.

I surely felt the direction I choose was right for me. I knew my plan was good. I knew it would work. But I was trapped. Nothing was happening even the opposite - it was going down.

And the solution to my procrastination was simpler than I thought.

Before I tell you what it is and how to direct yourself toward your goals, regardless of your current situation, ...

... let me briefly tell you my story
about how I beat procrastination.

First ... if you do not know who I am...

My name is Ivo Dimitrov. I am an NLP therapist, online marketing consultant and founder of DG Marketing Ltd. (online marketing agency). What I am more familiar with is helping people to find their mission and achieve their goals faster, without unnecessary drama. Sometimes I'm more straightforward and biting in my speech, but know it's from a good heart. I'm here to help you.

Without any further of due - here is my story.

4-5 years ago I was in the same position – procrastinating.

I had just been certified as an NLP therapist and started my new career. I started a blog, made a facebook page, had an idea and a plan for my growth.

In the beginning I was very enthusiastic, despite the fact that during the day I had “normal” job from Monday to Saturday, and in the evenings I was working on my new mission.

I started to attract clients and profit from NLP therapies and from my first online course, which I created almost without resistance and postponement.

After this I decided to leave my job and focus on my new direction.

Everything was going great ... till one day.

Not very long after I quit my job, I really saw what would cost me to succeed and prosper in my endevour.

Before that I didn’t yet know how much I did not know. There was so much to learn and do and I felt like I was already losing the thread.

Suddenly it was like the whole world fell on my shoulders. My mind barely accommodated all that has to be done in order to prosper. I didn’t see how my time would be enough and in the same time my financial situation harassed my mind every day.

I quickly began to lose focus, motivation, will and self-discipline.

Started abandoning my long-term plan of growth and I was dealing only when there were times of crisis or someone needed my help for something other than my plans.

I began to procrastiante the important plans and tasks for my future!

Despite my fresh NLP skills, I "successfully" put myself in a hole from which I could not see an exit.

From experience and researches I know that when you're in the “movie” it's hard to look from above and catch yourself to get out of this kind of situation. That’s why all successful people work with coaches.

All I've been doing for months has been to watch videos and movies hoping to get an injection of motivation, focus and discipline to get my shit together, get back on the track and finish the ideas and plans that I have been started.

Or as some people call it  "I was waiting for the moment to come."

But that was all I did. Watching without acting, except when it comes to crisis situations. I was gathering some strength somehow for these situations, but after that I always went back into the vicious cycle of procrastination.

It is very likely that you have had such moments. To act only when the knife touches the bone.

My revenue declined. Stress was increasing, as did the pile of useless information "for motivation" in my head. I felt that the tension in body was building up.

I had thoughts like, "You did nothing today!", "Look at them how they work and you are just siting and do nothing!", "Why me?", "Why to me?", "When thing will finally get better? "," When I will get my shit together?" etc.

I do not know if it is so bad for you know, but I share it so you know what I was able to get out of with what I'm going to tell you later.

One day it struck me.

I went back to something I knew would help. This was the first course I made. His goal was to get out of any "holes" by finding your personal mission, inner motivation, and certainty in yourself.

I looked at it quickly and remembered things that I was teaching other people at that time, but they seemed to have slip out of my mind because of the the clutter of all sorts of thoughts and unnecessary information.

I took the moments in the course, which concerned exactly the issue of overcoming procrastination and applied them. After half an hour I was back on the track and working on my plans ...

...with hustle, passion, enthusiasm, motivation, focus, confidence and self-discipline.

I recently procrastinated again, but this time it was about 1-2 weeks, not months, like years ago. And I said to myself: "Let me review the solution that I found in my first course."

I found it, applied it and returned to the track with new powers for zero time.

What I found out about procrastination is that it is not caused by lack of skills, time, money or competence. It's not because of lack of focus, will or motivation.

The reason is one - the doubt.

That's where everything starts. You doubt something about yourself or your plans, then you start delay and not completing your tasks. Then you start to feel guilty about the unfinished tasks. Then you have more doubts that lead to further delay → more unfinished tasks → guiltier consciousness → more doubts → more procrastination, etc.

This is the vicious circle I’ve mentioned above.

The only way to overcome procrastination is to get more of your doubts out of the equation as possible and fill it with positive thoughts, believes and self-assessment.

One day I thought that I could pull out this solution, sit down and bring it into a standalone material so it's easy to use and understandable ... and pass it on to the members of my club (“Conscious Entrepreneurs Club").

And decided to share the essence of this information with the world... completely for free.

Now I will tell you what the 3 steps are if you want to apply them and create your own solution to deal with procrastination.

The 3 steps are.

Be aware that this is a fruit of months of work in unraveling the strategy to ignite the passion for life and work I teach about in my first course "Ignite the Passion!".

Here I will share a small part of it, namely the 3 steps beating procrastination.

Can’t share everything because the whole program is for my club members, but I'll share enough so you can find the solution for yourself.

Step #1

This step is the most important. With it, you get back the enthusiasm, the sourness and the dedication to accomplish your goals.

Try to understand what kind of person you want to be and be that person.

Maybe you think it's easier to say than to do it.

The truth, however is that it is easier to do it, than you think.

Just take a sheet of paper and a pen and describe the person you want to be. Build the vision for yourself and your life.

Burst your imagination by asking good questions to yourself and every day try to be that person.

The myth that prevents people from taking this step is “they will do it when they first overcome procrastination and everything in their lives is already as they want it”. However, they do not see that this is the first step of beating procrastination - building a vision.


Do you understand how people are in the contradiction of "I will make the first step towards this goal when I have already accomplished this goal ... without starting from step one"?

They put themselves in a position to fail from the start. They came up with an impossible situation as a reason not to do it.

Just take the first step without taking the time to think of excuses.

You have the time! If you have time to read this material and have time to jump on something else, then you have time to do the exercise as well.

Step #2

This step allows you to control the swirling energy in you so that it lasts long, you stay centered and avoid overload.

Use tactics or rituals to eliminate fluctuations and unnecessary consideration of things.

The purpose of the second step is to make actions easier for you (not just the action on the first step but also your tasks as a whole). With the tactics described below you take away the possibility of doubts in your mind to feed and grow bigger. The food of doubt is time. Do not give it. Time is gold.

The trick is to know exactly what you have to do and have a way to allocate the time to work on tasks so that you do not overload, exhaust and be bored, but instead always be fresh and loaded.

The mistake people do sometimes is that they think a task or a goal must be accomplished at once. This, of course, is again a trap in which they get themselves in, because in reality, things do not have to happen in "one breath". You can accomplish a goal in several stages.

And the secret is between the stages. In that time between stages you do not think about the task. Occupy your time with something completely different. That’s why you need a system which after one stage guides you to the next one by not losing yourself in the activities between the stages and procrastinating again.

Tactic 1: Create a way of putting tasks to yourself so that they keep you in the momentum and to avoid the moment of hesitation… and just know what to do with your time.

Tactic 2: Find a simple and healthy time management technique that keeps you focused for a certain amount of time.

Most people do not put tasks on themselves and do not set a time to focus on them. They usually allow themselves to be distracted and guided by the tasks, desires and problems of others. Or simply by other distracting activities.

In the end, they come to a point where they say they have no time for such practices. But just these practices earn you more time. After applying them, you will be amazed of how much time you can have for yourself and your plans when you deprive the minor things of your time through these 2 tactics.

With these two tactics you are taking control of your time and work instead of being a man who is wasting his time with things that do not deserve it, or you are always ready to take care of other people’s life, but not your own.

Step #3

With this step you regroup your focus, energy and confidence. Imagine that as if you were a battery that was recharged with this step for its mission.

Practice creative visualization (type of meditation).

This is the moment in which you strengthen yourself as the master of your life. Taking 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes a day with such a practice, you show subconsciously to your body and mind who is the boss and it has no choice but to obey you.

If these practices are not part of your life for a long time, then it is normal to feel discomfort at first when you apply them. Most people, as soon as they feel discomfort in their bodies, jump to do unproductive activities, distract themselves, or go back to things that they only think will calm, motivate, or focus them.

They are returning to the old behavior that has actually led them to procrastination and fail to carry out their plans.

You have the ability to tell your mind and body when to stand still or to take up a specific task for a certain period of time in order to achieve whatever you wish in your life.

If you want something, the tasks that will bring it to you must become a priority for you, and not having the option of going without them.

Of course, this does not mean you are turning into a robot. It simply means that – you say to yourself you want to achieve something and you can get going in that direction and apply the practices that will help you to make it happen.

You should not allow your animal instincts and reactivity to govern your life.

This is the power of self-discipline. And practicing creative visualization (type of meditation) is the best way to unlock and master this power.

These three steps will drastically reduce stress and tension from the outside world. They will eradicate the everlasting delay! And you will be your own master and boss.

Do you want the easier way?

Above was the "hard way". I gave you the steps and what you should work on. To do work by yourself by finding the ways and tools to apply these three steps.

And there is an easier way to apply the steps and stop procrastinating today.

A way to go back to the track in an hour, loaded with new powers and acting on your plans and dreams.

It is to show that you are ready to make the change now by investing in my materials and working with me.

Below you will see options on how to take my "Defeat Procrastination" program, to which only the members of my club have access.

In this program you will get:

A specific exercise to take Step #1 and build a vision for the person you want to be, so that this vision will ignite you and act on your plans and dreams.

• I will show you the easiest and most successful tactics of Step #2 I've found and applied to order my tasks effectively and keep me focused on them for a certain period of time to knock them out.

• Finally, but not least, I will teach you how to create your own creative visualization (type meditation) from Step #3. With that you can subconsciously program your mindset and body to follow your wishes and commands.

These are the only 3 things you need to get the productive version of yourself.

  1. Building a vision
  2. Efficient planning and action on your tasks
  3. Creative Visualization

This program will only take you about a couple of hours on the first application while learning the method.

Then you can apply it for 20-30 minutes every time you feel you're procrastinating ... and get back on track with new strength.

And if you want to make sure you reduce your procrastination to the absolute minimum, then I recommend that you apply the program every day. No doubt this will have a huge positive effect on every aspect of your life.

This will be 30 minutes, which can literally save your life from wasting weeks, months or even years of procrastination, hesitation, doubt and unnecessary worry.

30 minutes that will be responsible for realizing your plans and dreams as soon as possible.

With these 3 steps, you will become the most productive, motivated and centered person in your environment, without overloading, burnout, and so on. You'll be able to get the most out of your time. Most people can’t.

Of course, I pay attention to people in my programs when they need me. So, do not think you will be alone, left to the fate of fate when you take this program. That's why I include ...


You will have access to private Facebook group
were I will answer to all of your questions and help you achieve your goals.

*Typically, one consultation with me is 100 euro per hour, but this coaching group will be completely free for anyone in this program.

When to start and when to finish things?
In this course, I will share a very simple but extremely powerful technique to know when to start and when to finish your plans and goals.

So far I have not shared it with almost anyone outside the Club.

This technique will determine whether an initiative will be successful or not. And it's not about whether your idea is good. But it is about if you start it at the right time for you.

The information is very interesting and will open your eyes to the success of many people around the world. So far, I have not met a course, program or lecture on productivity and professional success to talk about that.

You decide!

"All of us are ordinary people. Some of us believe they can achieve anything, and others believe they can’t."

If you believe your ideas and plans are good for you, your future, the people you care about, or the people you want to help, then just learn how to defeat the procrastination and you will realize them. Anything you think you need before you start will come into the process. I guarantee it! But you need to start with these 3 three steps in order to have the necessary focus, motivation and self-discipline to achieve your goals.

Most people only listen and read about the importance of taking action, but they not taking actions.

Most people do things anyway, but are they the right, effective and delivering the desired results things?

Normally not. I know because I did it too.

I'm trying to be honest with you. As I was honest with myself to admit that I procrastinate and invent my own excuses. That's why I want you to be honest with yourself.

Usually when we procrastinate, we do things for others or things against us and we don’t do things for ourselves. We are deluding ourselves by using justifications, but we know deeply that we need to act on other, more important things. Things that will have a real, tangible and positive impact on ourselves and on our lives.

And what I am giving you is a way to stop nonsense and self-deception in the name of a better life that you know you deserve and can have.

Now ...

... you have 3 choices.

  1. Act by yourself on the steps I shared.
  2. Act with me and the program I have for you.
  3. Do nothing and leave things as they are.

The choice is yours. I'm here to help you, if you want.

When the timer reaches zero, the promo prices will disappear.

"Defeat Procrastination"

In this program you'll get:

The Program ($49)

  • [Exercise] Building a vision and setting goals that ignite you
  • [Tools] Effective task planning and easy to follow time management techniques
  • [Guide] Make your own NLP Creative Visualization

Bonus #1 ($100)

  • Access to private Facebook group

Bonus #2 (priceless)

  • [PDF] When to start and when to finish things?

$149 $19

I Want Access To This Program

If you think the materials you get are not worthy, just tell me and I will give you a full refund.

At the end of the day, all I want is to help you and make a difference in your life and if I fail, I don’t deserve a penny of your money.

So what are you waiting for? Take the program now and let me help you beat procrastination once and for all!


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